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  • rajeshalex
    10-13 06:45 PM
    u wont get 20% discount and referral at same time. I talked to the CS. So she told me go with the referral first, complete the referral month and then prepay for the one year starting from that date.

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  • stuck_here
    02-08 04:11 AM
    1-2 weeks if u r unlucky, 1-2 months if u r extremely unlucky, 2+ months if u r as unlucky as me !!
    On FEb 4th my wife and myself went for H1-B visa renewal interview at Chennai Consulate. Both visas got approved. My wife passport was returned with in 3 days. It seems they have found her petitition online. My passport stuck with consulate. I called consulate today, and they have asked me to call back next week end. She said they were not able to locate my petition online.

    How long it can take? 1 week or 2 weeks or 1 month? Please provide your experiences for those passports took more than 3 days. I have seen max 1 month in the forum.

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  • factoryman
    05-21 08:47 PM
    Be ready with the following supporting documents. My attorney asked the following:
    1. Personal Details -
    (Travel Plans in the next 3 months, Moving Plans in the next 6 months, Contact Information, Passport and I-94 info, Employment Hisotry - Last 5 years+ Last job ouside US, Residence History - Last 5 years + last residence outside US, LC, I-140, EAD and details, and a few other questions, etc)
    2. Passport copies- all pages, current, all old.
    3. All I-20, I-94, I-797, LC, I-140 copies
    4. Birth Certificates or Birth Affidavits
    5. Marriage Certificate or Marriage Affidavits -
    6. Sealed Medical Exam Cover - I-693
    7. 6 photos for adults ( 4 if under 14)
    8. Photocopy of current I-94
    9. Divorce Certificate (if applicable)

    Happy Filing.


    With the June visa bulletin, my priority date became current. My Labor and 140 already approved. When can I apply for I485? After May 31 or before May 31.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • Luiz
    01-10 07:53 PM
    The text is at the link below.


    Section 501 and 503 would help retrogression a lot.


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  • i99
    09-27 01:54 PM
    How long are we going to hang in there? :mad: Thanks everybody for support and advice, but, there is a problem here. I am mad at USCIS, not the supportive people here. I am a concurrent filer, I don't even know if my package was lost, if it was transfered or not. Or, if it was tranfered if it was a successful transfer. Every other implication aside, it is worth a lot of money. :eek:

    May be I am too negative, but, my J-1 waiver package was lost back when it was done by paper. Literally lost (!), although I could locate the person who signed it in. My SS#, all background information, a check showing my checking account were in it. I told them, my privacy information is in it after I applied for the waiver again. I asked them if they could look for the envelope and destroy it. They "nicely" told me I have no rights at all to make such a request. I asked them if they have a system of destroying people's private information if it is no longer use, they said no.

    These should be our simple rights as a people who pay taxes in this country, although we are not residents yet. We can go to court for an everyday dispute, but at USCIS no rights.

    Anyway, thanks for involuntarily sharing.

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  • file485
    05-23 07:44 AM

    I have a labor approved in Civil/Contruction job skills with PD Oct 2003 and my date is current now. However I am currently on a IT company H1-to be specific 'Business Analyst'.

    will there be a problem being now on a IT company H1 and filing for 485 with the Civil/Contruction approved labor..?



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  • bejoy_p
    09-16 12:01 PM
    Thanks to IV for all the information and discussion.

    Priority Date: March 31st, 2006 at NSC
    Category: EB2
    SLUD: 8/18 & 9/4

    CPO email: 9/15 (morning)
    Decision email: 9/15 (afternoon)
    CPO email again: 9/16 (morning)

    No approval email yet!!!

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  • gautamkini
    06-18 01:58 PM
    NO They have to be in the US for AOS filing.

    can i get her here on tourist visa and file for I485...my H1B extension is in process. the lawyer said it may take 4 months.. it was filed 15 days ago...



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  • arkrish68
    09-30 04:21 PM
    There is no message. Just a soft update on the date. I just called USCIS and no news was disclosed and asked to wait for another 30 days for response.

    Did you send the email to NSC or TSC depending where your case is now.

    If it is NSC send the email to ncscfollowup.nsc@dhs.gov
    If it is TSC send the email to tsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov

    With all your case details.

    Send me a PM if you need additonal details.

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  • sammyb
    02-25 03:49 PM
    And called the DOS customer help line to check if my H1B info is there in the PIMS system... what the lady told me is unless I submit my application at the US consulate abroad they can�t check the status .. Let me know if others have different experience...

    This whole PIMS thing becoming a pain for people like us :mad: ... wish they did import all the petition info first before releasing this system to all the US missions abroad...

    What number did you call DOS at? I am also going to India and want to make sure my info is there in PIMS database.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • chanduv23
    01-10 10:26 PM

    I understand your enthusiasm of spreading +ve ness , but you need to also look at the practical implications on the situation. You are too criticizing and self-centric in what you beleive is the right thing to do.

    Things do not work the way you expect at times and backfire. All I am saying is to give it a second thought if you are not getting a huge turn out of people. If you believe you are the smartest ass in the forums, tell me how many people you beleive would come forward and write a letter to the president. It's nothing to do with whether you did it, but are taking off the apprehensions and motivate other people to do it.

    I agree with comments from walking_dude as it's inspiring and has a point. Get out of the shell and look at the world from a different perspective.

    I am pretty straight forward in my approach and do not know how to "sugarcoat". This is not my own organization, I am not the founder of this organization, I am just a member like you. While it is individual's choice of doing what they want to do, what I have noticed is that the negative energy does have cascading effect, especially when things do not happen, those who spread negative energy seem to influence people. Once again, this is individuals own perspective. The fact that things do not happen easily we have to blow trumphets into the ears of people. Like a member said sometime back "Eagles which never flew - would not dare to fly until they are pushed, and when they are pushed forcefully and dropped into the air - they automatically start flying".

    I have done what I can in the best of my capacity and continue to do so, I have considered IV as a self help group and also conducted meetings in the tri state area and continue to motivate people to make them feel a sense for the community.

    If you look at IV as YOUR organization - you can see why it is important to feel a sense for the community.

    The biggest issue our community faces today is the flow of negative energy. To quote examples, I was able to convince some friends for the rally in DC. Everything was going well, now when these people discussed with their collegues they were reluctant and did not show interest. The negative energy prompted my friends not to attend the rally because they felt that not many people are going for it and they tried to convince me out of IV. Such negative energy flows everywhere in the community and we have to overcome it. We can do it only by example.

    Look at all those other immigration forums where people are talking bad about IV including their administrators and their owners - people who follow those websites will hate IV and hinder all our efforts. Such negative energy when it is flowing at a greater level - will cause more and more damage to our community.

    It is simple - if you attack me for what I do - you are spreading negative energy - you are making a common man take a back seat and not encourage them to cooperate

    If I point at h1bmajdoor's posts - I am doing it just to make sure that the positive energy flows and negativity does not influence the community.

    it is a tough battle especially when you have thousands of daggers pointing at you ready to poke you.
    Well, you say I am a smartass - so be it.

    And if you do not support the community - stay away - why poke at someone who is doing something?

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  • gravi98
    06-21 11:36 AM
    Thanks for the FAQ.

    Quick question:
    I have a EB2 approved I-140 with PD 2006. Another EB2 I-140 from BEC with PD 2005 is still pending and might take another 6 months to get approval.

    Will it be a better a strategy to file based on approved 140 (pd 2006) and later on capture pd 2005, once the BEC based 140 gets approved? Not sure whether interfiling applies for same category.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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  • bomber
    06-29 06:27 PM
    At the cost of being bombarded by every one in this forum,
    if the VB bulletin is indeed "retrogressed" to Pre madness - back to what was supposed to be the next jump from June 2003 (perhaps 6 months or more for EB3 and 2005 for EB2), this would actually be a good thing in my opinion.

    What they did by making the VB current is going to have serious consequences a few months down the line. People who have been waiting for years may still not get their turn in line, while others simply jump ahead and take away the visa numbers. People are excited at the short term benefits of EAD/AP but we must look at the long term effects also.

    I believe (and im entitled to my own beliefs ) that if anything, USCIS/DOS have actually finally figured out their mistake of making everything current and are now back tracking to what would be a decent situation instead of the floodgates being opened. I dont believe it has anything to do with conspiracy theories or CIR or any such thing.

    And btw - i would be one of those people who spent money to get ready for the floodgates and i would also be one of those that gets stuck!

    What you said could be true but only if they move the dats back like you mentioned. would show utter inefficiency if they make them all U.

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  • Googler
    10-22 01:19 PM

    Update and reference material on namechecks

    Nice job summarizing what we know.


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  • das0
    05-22 01:13 AM
    Will USCIS mail my green card on UPS rental box (NOT a PO Box)?

    UPS rental box has Suite Address.

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  • gcformeornot
    01-29 07:04 PM
    check this company on dice, says no h1b, EAD or GC at this time

    C++ Developer jobs - Dice.com (http://seeker.dice.com/jobsearch/servlet/JobSearch?op=302&dockey=xml/3/0/306a9a21f1cbe49b061082adac66883b@endecaindex&source=19&FREE_TEXT=c%2B%2B&rating=0)

    C++ Developer
    Houston, TX
    US Citizens are only encouraged to apply. we are unable to take HIB, EAD AND GREEN CARD at this time.
    Client: IBM Federal

    Responsible for the design, development, and verification of the Test Framework application to create/simulate the testing infrastructure/environment to validate the F6 software components developed by IBM.
    The Test Framework application will provide a fully automated and configurable test infrastructure/environment to drive the F6 components through all required scenarios and conditions.
    This test application will be used to execute unit, functional, and system testing for the F6 project.
    An Agile / rapid spiral development process will be used for this software development.

    * Prior experience in Object Oriented C++ software development. (Required)

    * Prior experience developing automated test application. (Required

    This may be due to "F6" the combat aircraft... this may be a US military contract or something...


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  • tanu_75
    04-01 01:06 PM
    OK, DOS buffer issue.

    A. LAW. If there is no inventory in EB2 I/C (meaning demand). Theoretically DOS should make EB2 I/C CURRENT. DOS/CIS are not that dumb, or at least as dumb as before. I would say, they are very competent now and we should appreciate their work, pre-adjudicate, publish demand data (DOS), inventory data (CIS) processing time (DOS). THEY know, from PERM, I-140, there are at least 2K demand permonth from EB2 I/C. SO they will just safely move a couple of month of PD to make sure there is demand >2800 for India/China, so they don't have to make it CURRENT (per law)

    If it is the law that they need to make it current, then if they don't, they are opening themselves to a strong possibility of a class-action lawsuit.

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  • kewlchap
    10-12 04:54 PM
    @ fatjoe:

    "With an IO" and "Assigned to IO" is the same, according to me. You need to ask them whether the IO has actually picked up the app. They use a bar scanner to update the status in their systems. So, ask, can you tell me if my IO has physically scanned my file and picked it up from the holding area? If yes, good.

    I just tried the POJ method and it does appear to be blocked. Bummer.

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  • Nil
    03-10 09:05 PM

    This is funny - one red and one green, so it turned blue now.

    Anyway - can we quickly compile a list of to-dos to take this idea fwd?

    10-15 04:42 PM
    Yes ndialani,i waited for 6 month which i did because i don't know I140 premium started from June 2009(For most the cases).They started in Feb 2009 but its applicable to some limited cases).

    May be i would have moved it to premium if i knew in June.Some of the options which i would have tried during that 6 months period was InfoPass,Senator,Ombudsman etc but wasn't very serious about 140 as i thought it may take some years for gc(since the dates very moving very slowly at that time).


    09-24 02:58 PM
    Current visa bulletin states following.

    2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.

    Question: What does the line 'Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620.' means???

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